Make + Create Ep. 3 - The Journey with Soothi

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Welcome back to Make + Create! The podcast that introduces you to individuals pursuing the path less traveled when it comes to creative pursuits, careers and life. This space houses inspiration to keep you motivated and will hopefully empower you while on your own journey! I’m your host Jen Veguilla-Lezan and this week I had the opportunity to talk with the Kritikka – the founder of Soothi – a line of beautifully curated, socially conscious journals for the art of work. At Soothi, journals aren’t just where they work, but also why they work. Krittika launched the brand after she found her that journey in the corporate world was unfulfilling and not leading her in the direction she wanted to take her life. While she credits her experience in the traditional 9-5 world with helping her build the skills necessary to run her business, she didn’t quite find her calling within the confines of a corporate job.

Krittika was incredibly open and candid in our conversations sharing insights on her journey as a self funded startup and what it has been like growing her brand into profitability. We talked about the experiences she has had as woman of a diverse makeup in the corporate world and working to break through the glass ceilings that are still so present. She shared the reality check she had to experience when she realized her career wasn’t growing in the direction that she wanted. She offered insights on how she had to think about what inspired her and would keep her motivated as she built a business and why it is was important that she add in a charitable component to what she was doing. We talked about the realities of start up capital and the fact that most startups grossly underestimate the costs, but how she managed to bootstrap it through. We also talked about the importance of sustainability in today’s business models and why socially conscious fashion is important, but how it can be difficult to manage as a young business.

Krittika was open to sharing the inspiring parts of her business story as well as the not so pretty parts and even some of the mistakes she made along the way. She is an entrepreneur that is truly creating from the heart and that is evident in the product she puts out with each release of her line of journals, desk accessories and gifts. She’s taking the road less traveled when it comes to her journey. So often we associate success with fancy sounding career positions, making a certain amount of money or by the size of our house. Yet, people like Krittika show that success doesn’t have defined parameters, rather it is what you make it out to be. If you are someone interested in launching a startup, who wants to hear more about socially conscious brands and how they impact underprivileged communities around or who just wants some insight on what success sounds like outside of the societal norms that are often forced upon us, then keep listening for the full interview.

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Thanks for listening to this latest episode of Make + Create. Krittika’s story is just one of many examples that I have come across over the last year of people who are chosing to live life and do business their own way. Society has the tendency to impose on us this idyllic scenario of what success is. It’s set up as the corner office, the cushy salary, and a big house and fancy car. Yet, what I have found is that many people who have had the chance to experience this, find that it is not what brings them happiness. What I have found with entrepreneurs such as Kritikka is that success comes from a deep place within, it’s the small battles they win that often mean the most and flexibility is something that is more important than being chained to a desk for 8 hours a day. The idea of impacting the world around them and leaving it a little better than they originally found it, while being able to still pay thebills is the likely greatest experience in their book. Krittika pushed against the norms as she built her brand. She’s creating on her own terms and seeing success because of it. If you want to learn more about or purchase from her shop – visit: - there you can also link out to all the platforms Soothi is on via social media.

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Check back later this month as I will be talking with the duo behind Revolving Curation. It’s the latest indie shop in Chicago and the brand showcases how fashion forward vintage and thrift clothing can be and why it’s becoming so important in the fight against the world of fast fashion that continues to leave a negative impact on our environment.

 As I continue to connect with creatives, entrepreneurs and people who are essentially manifesting their success in their own way. I have found that there is so much strength and creative prowess in people who are not afraid to go against the grain; people who are not afraid to unabashedly be themselves. We are the creative force in our lives. We manifest through the words we say, the ideas that we allow to develop in our minds. It’s so easy to tell ourselves that we can’t do something or that an idea is preposterous. But what if we took a moment and adjusted our thinking? What if instead, we told ourselves we could or that we should at the very least try despite the conditions that surround us? It’s through those very decisions and the actions we take alongside them, that we can begin to accomplish the goals that we never thought we could. Stop living on other people’s terms listeners. Tell society and it’s expectations to shove it, and do you. Find your calling and don’t be afraid to just start. Even if it is in the late hours afterwork and after the kids are asleep. Work on it a bit every day and stop telling yourself you can’t because that’s what the world told you. Be your own champion and create your own miracles.

Til, Next time, I’m your host Jen Lezan and thanks for listening!

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