Make + Create Ep. 2- Shaking up the Beauty Industry with Beautylynk

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Welcome back to Make + Create. The podcast that introduces you to individuals pursuing the path less traveled when it comes to creative pursuits, careers and life. This space houses inspiration to keep you motivated and will hopefully empower you while on your own journey! I’m your host Jen Lezan and this week I had the opportunity to talk with the founder of Beauty Lynk – Rica Elysee- Beautylynk is the latest in on demand mobile beauty services that cater to a diverse population including people of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Rica is legit taking the beauty industry by the horns and shaking things up.  

I talked with Rica about her journey leading into launching Beauty Lynk and what she is doing to innovate within the industry. She highlights that although adding a tech aspect through her app, her innovations go much deeper – focusing on ways to help the beauty industry offer services for people of all backgrounds, cultures and specifically abilities. She’s also working to create impact on the professional side as well – as of February they were already working with 6 beauty brands to build opportunities for the beauty professionals who are a part of their platform to assist them at every stage of their career from graduation to becoming a seasoned educator. 

Rica and I talked shop, but we also dived into the nuances of the beauty industry as a whole exploring both the positive and negative ramifications it has on society’s standards of beauty. We discussed the role of minority women in the start up world and the impact that they are making. We touched on her other activities outside of running her business, like the launch of #AtTheTable – a community she organized with another founder: Beth Santos – to advocate and empower other women in the startup/entrepreneurial world.

If you are someone interested in launching your own business, a beauty industry professional looking for ways to grow and build your client base or someone interested in hearing about the experiences of a female founder, than keep listening for the full episode.

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Thanks for listening to this latest episode of Make+Create.  It’s inspiring to hear about other women who are pursuing building something that is so necessary in an industry that can at times be stuck in its ways. People have a tendency to dislike change and disruption. Yet, Rica and what she is doing with Beautylynk are prime examples of how innovation can truly make a positive impact. If you want to learn more about or sign up for beautylynk, visit: you can also link out to the platform on all social media. You can follow Rica’s journey on Medium and if you are interested in connecting with atthetable – connect on Twitter.

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Finally, please take some time to leave a review for the podcast on iTunes. I relaunched the show with the new branding and updated content, so ratings and reviews will help the episodes to get noticed and is another great way to show your support so I can continue to create content that is empowering, inspiring and motivating. Thank you for coming on this journey with me! Check back later this month as I will be sharing my interview with Krittika- the founder of Soothi – a brand that focuses on curating beautifully crafted and inspired accessories for work spaces that also make the world a better place through charitable contributions. She shares her journey from concept to launch and the ups and downs in between.   
As I continue to connect with a wide array of individuals for each episode, I am finding they have one thing in common, they don’t play small. They’ve all taken a leap of faith and haven’t looked back. This reminds me of a quote from Nelson Mandela, “ There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”. If you find yourself minimizing your role in your life, take a moment to step back and re-evaluate your purpose and goals. Begin to find ways to step into your purpose. Even baby steps can move you forward. We only miss at the chances we don’t take. This is something that I even have to remind myself daily. What is the one thing you can accomplish today, this week or even just this month that will bring one step closer to your goals and aspirations? Don’t let yourself feel stuck, make your move on your terms listeners. 

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I’m your host Jen Lezan and thanks for listening! 

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