Make+Create Ep. 9 - Talking Magick with the Conjure Queen

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I’m your host Jen Veguilla- Lezan. This week is a continuation of exploring careers and journeys that are outside of the norm and that have a spiritual vibe to them. I feel like the concept of make and create connects so well to these because so many of us are looking to create a fulfilling lifestyle that goes beyond the typical make money, spend it, and die. People seem to want to be a part of something bigger or at the very least, pursue endeavors that are fulfilling and leave this world a little better. I spoke with the body astrologer a few weeks ago and I wanted to add in another interview that spoke deeper on the concept of magic. As a Latina, my personal history has often merged the traditional ideas of spirituality with the not always talked about bruja side of our family. The older I get, the more in tune and aligned I am with my spiritual beliefs and my ancestors. I stand firm in spirituality and the history that many from the diaspora hold dear. For too long too many of us have been afraid of what we didn’t understand, but the reality is that our spiritual power is an innate part of us – it is our birth right and I think it is about time we talk about it. With that being said, this week, I talk with the conjure queen herself.  She’s made quite the name for herself on Youtube with her channel dedicated to sharing and teaching the mysteries of the occult and helping her viewers to elevate their minds. Conjure Queen is a Spiritual Adviser, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Holistic Healer, and Mentor.  Viewers tune into her channel to develop their spiritual consciousness, get an eye opening perspective on latest trending news, and to hear the inspirational gems that the queen drops. 

The conversation I had with conjure queen was mind blowing. It was not only eye opening, but really fun. She shared insights on her journey building her channel and being so open about her craft. She also shared her thoughts on spirituality; it’s evolution in the digital age and following a personal path to enlightenment. She shared her story on developing her spiritual gifts and offers advice to those who connect. We even talk “conspiracy theories” and the realities behind many of her messages that deal with the concepts of the elite right here in America. That’s what I love so much about conjure queen. She keeps it real – even when we don’t want to really hear or listen to the messages relating to the realities of our world. We talked about the divine feminine and the histories behind magic and the fear that causes the colonizers of this world. We go deep, but she keeps it light and inspiring as always. If you’re into spirituality, the concepts of magic, the idea of elevation and enjoy the tea on conspiracies, then keep listening for the full interview.

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Thanks for listening to this latest episode of Make+Create. If you enjoy these kinds of episodes, let me know! Reach out to me on and let me know what else you want to hear. The one message that stood out to me the most within my conversation with conjure queen is the idea of listening to your inner guide and following your own path. It’s so important to not get caught up in what others expect of you. Follow your heart, go after your dreams, but put in the work. When you put the work in, believe in it – put the seeds of success out into the universe and you will be surprised at what you can manifest. Our conversation also really established the importance of connecting with your ancestors and knowing your cultural history for me. This is something that I have personally been following through on for the last few years. I’ve been working on reconnecting to my roots and knowing the history of the cultures I come from – specifically indigenous cultures in Puerto Rico – the Taino on my mothers side and my ancestry on my fathers side from Mexico.  So many of us Latinos born here in America feel a disconnect to where our ancestors came from and to the cultural traditions, beliefs and practices of our people. Many of us know our food, but don’t always know the folklore or spiritual practices. Take some time to ask your family questions or learn more about the country your family was originally from. It offers a beautiful perspective in terms of how deep your lineage is. It’s also empowering and uplifting knowing your ancestors have your back. Honor them in a special way. Whether it is putting a photo in a frame and hanging it up and taking a moment each day to acknowledge them or lighting candles on an altar or thanking them and the higher being you believe in for the blessings they bring your way. It’s a beautiful sentiment to add to your daily life. All of this reminds me of quote that I read not too long ago from an unknown source that gave me beautiful peace – “You are ever alone, even during what you think are your weakest moments. You have htousands of years of powerful ancestors within you, the blood of the dive great ones in you, supreme intellect and royalty in you. Infinite strength is always on tap for your. Know that. -- If you are interested in learning more about these concepts, you need to subscribe to conjure queen on youtube. Just check out If you want to book a reading – visit and if you want to just keep up with conjure queen on social media, follow her on Instagram with the handle @iamconjurequeen

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