Making It - The Series: Meet Reiki Master and TCM Practitioner Erin Ryan

I had a wake up call this year. It has been because of this awakening that I was led to connect with one individual, who is constantly working through her own personal transformation and healing: Erin Ryan. She’s a Reiki Master, Teacher and Oriental Medicine Practitioner whose journey has allowed her to touch the lives and help to aid in the healing of countless others.

I initially connected with her for personal reasons, to work up the courage to schedule some time with her for emotional healing. Yet, the universe had other plans. So, I interviewed her for the Making It Series for our Youtube Channel. Check out her video below:

As I worked through the goals for this issue, I realized that while education about the issues facing women today were of paramount importance so is helping women and people find ways to help themselves. Whether it is through inspiring stories of fellow women making an impact or finding ways that we can begin to heal ourselves, I realized that we need to share alternative ways that we can begin to heal our own hearts and small worlds so that we can make an even bigger impact on the giant world around us. Erin’s abilities are truly a gift, and a gift that she fought against early on, but once she embraced them they have allowed her to be a light in this world famous or so many people. She explains that at one point, while pursuing a career in nursing, it finally clicked that her calling was elsewhere. She had heard about Reiki and alternative modalities in medicine and eventually gave into the calling. She was at a point where she didn’t care if people thought she was “crazy” for pursuing this journey, but she had to do it for herself.

Erin’s passion in life is to assist her clients in healing. There is nothing more beautiful, amazing, wondrous, and extraordinary to her than facilitating people in growing, playing, laughing, learning, and changing their life. The moment someone walks into a room with Erin, there is this beautiful energetic buzz about her. You can feel something special about her that can be unsettling and comforting at the same time. She specializes in Emotional healing work, but her skills allow her to work on an array of medical issues through her work as a Reiki Master and her skills in acupuncture through her study of Oriental Medicine. To learn more about Erin or to book a session you can visit her online at:

You can read Erin's full story in the latest issue of Halfstack Magazine. You can download your copy here:  OR you can purchase a print copy here: 

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