Welcome to Make + Create! I'm happy you've landed in my corner of the internet. What's Make + Create? Well, in short - it's a podcast, but there are many facets to it, just as there are many facets to our lives and journeys.

Make and create is a podcast dedicated to empowerment in the creative and business space. In a time when social media so often portrays the perfect picture, here you can find the raw reality behind pursuing the path less traveled when it comes to creative pursuits, careers and life. From entrepreneurs to artists, designers and individuals pursuing a non-linear journey – this space houses inspiration to keep you motivated while traveling your own path.

Who am I? I'm Jen Lezan-Veguilla, the host behind the voice in the bi-weekly episodes. As a creative entrepreneur, I've had the opportunity to connect with and learn from many people who are taking an alternative route when it comes to their life, creative passions and careers. Personally, I'm working on rediscovering my own footing in my career. In addition to being an adjunct professor full time, teaching at local colleges and art schools, running my own freelance Illustration, digital and surface pattern design business, I also launched an indie publication called: Halfstack Magazine and I am a mom to two beautiful young daughters: Bella and Sophia. Yes, it was as exhausting as it sounds. I'm a recovering work-a-holic whose trying to strike a balance between making a living and living my life. After 6 years - I made a pivot and decided to shut down the magazine, refocus my energy on my freelance art business and find time to spend with my family. Yes, I'm still teaching, but as the education industry continues to change for professors like me who are considered "contingent", I find myself continuing to build more opportunities for myself as an entrepreneur. I guess, that's what is in "alignment" with my heart and soul right now. It's an interesting place to be as someone in their early 30's and as a parent it can be daunting, but I'm learning to trust my intuition and as uncomfortable as it may be, it feels right.

During my time at Halfstack Magazine, I ran our podcast: Halfstack Highlights. It was well known for the interviews I had with start ups, creatives, artists and musicians. We talked shop, but I always wanted to dig a bit deeper. At times, I did and it was great. Make + Create is the reinvention of that show, but with a twist. I'll be broadening the scope of the conversations to align with a new path as I explore my own direction within the creative community I am part of here on the internet. While business may still be a topic of conversation, the conversations are likely to go deeper and touch on subjects that are outside of the norm. Whether I talk to an astrologer, reiki practitioner or the founder of an emerging e-commerce site, I want to learn more about why they are choosing the road less traveled. I'm hoping to share the beauty of the messy parts of life and the mistakes along with the successes. I want to offer a perspective that goes outside of those perfect little squares we see on Instagram. I want to remind you that it's ok to make mistakes, to stumble and fail, but the important thing to remember is the lesson you are learning along the way to your own version of success. It's all in how we approach our failures, they can either make us or break us. That's why I named this podcast Make + Create. It's a spin off my artistic nature to make things and my drive to create my own future, but it also plays into the idea that we make our choice each day to show up in our creative endeavors, even when we fail. When we push through those dark, hard moments and keep on keeping on, I find that's when we bloom.

I'm walking right there with you. Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself.


Jennifer Lezan-Veguilla

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